How To Play – Set-Nine

Set-Nine is a game based on the popular card game Set. In Set there are 81 cards that each have a unique combination of four factors. The factors are shape, color, pattern and number.

The three shapes are:
Green Full Oval 2 Green Full S 2 Green Full Diamond 2



The three colors are:
Green Full Oval 2 Red Full Oval 2 Purple Oval Diamond 2



The three patterns are:
Green Full Oval 2 Green Open Oval 2 Green Stripe Oval 2



The three numbers are:
Green Stripe Oval 1 Green Stripe Oval 2 Green Stripe Oval 3



The goal of the game is finding three card sets. For a valid set, each of the four features must be the same on each card or different on each card. Below are some examples.

This is a set with all three the same color, shape, and number with different pattern:
Red Stripe S 3 Red Open S 3 Red Full S 3



Here is a set where the pattern and color are the same, but number and shape are different:
Purple Stripe S 3 Purple Stripe Oval 2 Purple Stripe Diamond 1



Here is a set where all four factors are different:
Red Open S 3 Green Stripe Oval 2 Purple Full Diamond 1



All four of those examples are valid sets that would score in the game of set and in Set-Nine. But not all three card sets will be valid. Here are some common ways that sets go wrong.

Here is an invalid set that looks good except two are green and one is red. To be valid they would have to be all one color or all three a different color:
Green Full Oval 2 Red Open Oval 2 Green Stripe Oval 2



This is no where near a set. The only thing correct is the number, since they are all different.
Purple Open S 3 Green Stripe S 2 Purple Open Diamond 1


Those are the basics on how to identify a set. That will get you through a game of Set or Set-Nine. Here are the details for Set-Nine specifically. In Set-Nine you get 30 seconds to find one set that exists in the 9 cards dealt at a time. There is always exactly one set.
Set-nine screen shot

Here is an initial deal. There are 28 seconds left to find the set. If you find it and click on all three cards in the set you will score points based on time remaining and the difficulty of the set.

Set-nine screen shot 2Here we scored 37 points. 17 for the time remaining and 20 due to the difficulty of the set we found. And when we click we will get another 9 cards and 30 seconds. Keep going for as long as you can racking up the points. If the time runs out your game will be over.

Game over screen shot
The game over screen will show you your total score and the set that you missed. If you’d like to try a game yourself you can do so here: Set-Nine.